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I – Sustainable project development

Horizon 2020


Erasmus +

Developing a European dimension for our activities is increasingly important, due to the scale at which we have to face our problems and to the requirements of the political integration of our continent. Moreover, today some of the most important financing opportunities in the fields of research, the environment and culture dissemination are at the European level.

I offer my experience at the European level as a support in the draft and management of projects through which: developing strategies and partnerships, taking advantage of EU financial support, extending the impacts of good ideas at the international level.


Ecosystemic analysis

Environment, economics, society

Problems into solutions

Projects are developed from an (eco)systemic analysis of the interrelations they will form with the surroundings, from an environmental, social and economical point of view. This allows the emergence of latent synergies, the exploitation of opportunity niches and the creation of a distributed value on the territory.

I offer my competences, analysis/planning capabilities, vision and creativity to develop together sustainable projects and plans, taking natural models as my source of inspiration.


Functional effectiveness

Resource optimization

Added value

According to the principles of ecodesign, products are designed in a way that it does not only optimize the use of resources (raw materials and energy) but also favouring durability and effectiveness in fulfilling the required function. Moreover, the use of the product shall represent an added value for users, the society and the environment.

I offer my competences, analysis/design capabilities, overview capacity and creativity to identify together current criticalities while developing ever improved and sustainable products. Inspired by the cradle-to-cradle principles.

II – Environmental Performance




The Life Cycle Assessment considers all impacts for which a product/process is responsible, not only during its use, but since its manufacturing and until its disposal. It is an essential strategy for the assessment of the true sustainability of projects and activities, leading to important advantages in terms of supply chain optimization and cost reduction.

I offer my competences and analysis/planning capabilities to carry out studies and develop more sustainable solutions by using this approach.



ISO 14001


Environmental certifications are well-known standards to adequately communicate one’s own environmental excellence. They are voluntary tools allowing to improve performances (not only environmental ones) and to bring a competitive advantage aside from an increased visibility.

I offer my competences in the analysis and development of proposals aimed at reaching the standards required by certifications.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Environmental and Territorial Sustainability Assessment

The environmental impact assessment of works, projects and plans is mandatory in some cases described by law, an exercise of civil responsibility in all other cases. Further, it helps understanding weaknesses and strenghts of a project, allowing for its continuous improvement and for a deeper integration on its own territory.

I offer myself as a collaborator in the draft of studies aimed at quantifying environmental impacts of works and projects, as well as suggesting mitigation measures and more sustainable alternatives.

III – Optimal management of resources



Zero Wastes

An optimal wastes management shall transform what is mostly seen as a problem into a resource, allowing for a consistent competitive advantage. To comply with the priorities of Reduction, Reuse and Recycle defined by law, we cannot avoid a preliminar optimization of raw materials and an adequate strategic design of products.

I offer my competences and analysis/design capabilities to develop strategies of optimal management of wastes, raw materials and industrial processes, inspired by the Zero Wastes strategy.


Water footprint

Hydrogeological risk

Sanitary Engineering

According to the way it is managed, water may be a precious resource or a dangerous and distructive agent. The water footprint, i.e. the consumption of water through the whole life cycle of an activity, can be a valuable resource management tool, while natural models are constantly teaching us how to minimize the sanitary and hydrogeological risks.

I offer my competences and analysis/planning capabilities to develop strategies for an efficient management of the resource, as well as to collaborate in the development of solutions enabling the reduction of the sanitary and hydrogeological risks.


Coastal defence

Marine ecology

Sustainable tourism

An optimal coastal management is about the defence from extreme events and erosion, but also about the sustainable use of a precious and common heritage. The study of coastal morphodynamics and of the marine ecosystem must be at the basis of an effective coastal defence strategy, which has to be carried out in an integrated and non-invasive way, while also allowing for a sustainable development of tourism from which the whole local community and the environment may take advantage.

I make my competences and analysis/planning capabilities available to carry out studies and develop actions aimed at the protection and enhancement of the coastal environment.

IV – Energy for the future

Smart management

Energy saving

Appropriate technologies

Energy efficiency (doing more with less) and energy saving (using less energy tout court) are two inseparable companions on our way to face the challenge of our energy sustainability. We must understand the importance of matching a smart and well-aware behavior with the use of appropriate technologies.

I offer my technological knowledge and analysis/planning capabilities to put into practice systems that consume less and better the energy they need, allowing economic andavntages for users and environmental ones for everybody.


Energy planning

Technological integration

Meet demand with offer

In the future we will increasingly need to use all clean and renewable energy sources available, integrating them within our system. It is and will be required to plan and manage efficient and effective energy systems, allowing to meet demand with offer while acting on both sides.

I offer my technological knowledge and analysis/planning capabilities to develop case-by-case solutions, increasing supply security, lowering running costs and environmental impacts of our energy consumption.


Wave energy

Tidal energy

Offsore wind energy

Marine energy, such as wave and tidal, is not a well-known sector yet although having a great potential, especially for ocean-facing countries. In the Mediterranean sea particular interest has the development of combined solutions in synergy with coastal protection and offshore wind developement.

I offer my international experience in this field to evaluate technical and economical feasibility of preliminar projects, as well as to develop them once a good potential has been proven.

V – Research and development

Technological development

Social innovation

Give value to ideas

The first step in solving any problem is to know you have it. Then you have to study it appropriately, combining the knowledge acquired with a good dose of creativity and overview, to develop tangible and feasible solutions. Knowing how to be ahead of the game, developing and giving value to ideas, means to give ourselves the opportunity to constantly improve, preventing crises and shaping the future rather than having to cope with it.

I make my researcher experience and competences available, to analyze systems and identify their criticalities, to innovate in a sustainable way and getting used to anticipate required changes. In this, I study and constantly learn from natural models.

VI – Environmental communication

Value responsibility

Competitive advantage

Offer sustainable choices

Once precise choices are made from a sustainable viewpoint, it is important to know how to communicate them: one example alone is worth more than a thousand words. Through an adeguate communication we are able to value our efforts, creating competitive advantages for our companies while offering to the public truly sustainable alternatives.

I offer an approach that links the global to the local, everyday life to large systems, allowing the understanding of the true value of sustainable choices to the targeted public.


Technical and scientific training

Civic and environmental education

Creating a shared conscience

If we want to face effectively the challenges of our time we cannot avoid creating and spreading a deep civic and environmental conscience at any level of society. At the same time specialists and policy-makers shall be provided with the right tools to develop broad views, allowing to relate the local with the global.

Se vogliamo affrontare in maniera efficace le sfide di oggi non possiamo prescindere dal creare e diffondere ad ogni livello della popolazione una profonda e coscienza civile-ambientale. Allo stesso modo tecnici e decisori politici devono avere gli strumenti per adottare sempre più una visione ampia, che metta in relazione ambiti specifici e sistemi globali.3

I offer my competences and personal motivations to undertake training and scientific popularization programs aimed at sustainability, at any level and for any public.