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Environmental engineer

A brief summary of my activity. If you would like to collaborate with me or if you are interested in developing some project together contact me, I am always looking for competent and passionate people to work with!

“If we work together, there really is no limit to what we can do”

Consulting for sustainability

I am registered in the Civil and Environmental Engineer registry of the Rimini province, Italy. I dedicate myself to design and develop projects with the potential to spread and increase the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the territory where I live. Two are the key premises at the basis of my way of working:

  1. Developing adequate technological solutions and making them reach everyone is important, but technology is not enough to solve our problems. People created them, people has to solve them. Technology is not more than a tool and, as such, we must learn how to use it well. For this reason, the projects I work on cannot leave aside an active and conscious involvement of people.
  2. In this sense, to spread a renewed environmental consciousness is essential, but it’s equally fundamental that all stakeholders of the territory may be interested in taking active part developing these projects. Do to this, it is indispensible that projects create synergies benefitting everyone. Aside of those widespread ones deriving (by definition) from the pursue of a greater sustainability.

At the moment I’m putting into practice these ideas collaborating to projects about wastes management, sustainable mobility and renewable energies.

In the future my goal is to extend this activity to other sectors, such as sustainable tourism and food production, thus contributing to the realization of the true potential of the modern era: not an ultra-technological world which has lost its roots, soul and purpose, but a civilization that is able to live in harmony with itself and its own environment. A civilization that accepts and rediscovers the value of its history without feeling old, that has all the time to enjoy a not necessarily material progress, that has the courage to immagine a future that it knows it can reach just by using what it has intelligently.

If you are interested in deepening this approach, want to share your ideas or would like to propose for a collaboration, contact me.

Science popularizer – #sosteniamoci!

“If you don’t like something don’t complain, but do anything you can to change it”

I don’t like issues of global significance to be dealt with based on hearsay evidence. Or to be delegated (in good faith) to some well-informed people, just because they seem to be complicated. Or boring. Today, environmental issues directly regard all of us and it’s our duty to take part in the debate in a conscious way, providing our own contribution to solve the challenges of our time. Actually, I think that our troubles derive mostly from the fact that many of us ignore them, willingly or not. Today, we cannot afford anymore to be ignorant.

#sosteniamoci! (italian for “let’s sustain ourselves!”) is the project that I created to spread a true environmental culture at any level of the population. To take informed decisions it means to start from fact-based evidence, therefore from what science tells us. Unfortunately, today this is not happening enough. Our choices are too often biased or taken to follow someone else’s opinion. But I don’t see why it should be like this. I would like to see a world where anyone has the right tools to form her/his own opionion, and to act consequently. If we want that opinion to be based on solid facts, then it’s task of those who do science to make it more easily usable for everybody. Internet helps, but it’s not enough. It’s not enough to know how to read, we must know how to interpret digits and numbers, how to put them into perspective, how to make them meaningful. We need to develop a whole new mindset.

#sosteniamoci! is a way to do my part in this endeavor, spreading science and consciousness about the main environmental issues of our time. For more informations, please visit the section dedicated to this project.

* * *

But science is not a set of medical prescriptions, it’s a way of thinking. Science teaches us what we don’t know yet. It’s not enough to fill our heads with notions, they will never be enough. What we need it to develop a critical mindset, an approach that may allow us to understand what we need, depending on our lives and experiences, and then to know it. Nothing more than the scientific method used by researchers.

The Veil of Gaia project originates to popularize this approach. Today it gathers a virtual community of almost 400 people around a blog and a Facebook page, but the will is to get soon out of the ether and organize cultural events and tangible actions. If you would like to know more or want to help contact me, I would be glad to hear about you.

Environmental educator

Since 2013 I collaborate with social cooperatives Anima Mundi and il Millepiedi, bringing environmental education to kids and youth within the Rimini province in Italy. Among the activities I carry out:

  • Laboratories for primary schools (especially on energy, water and wastes). They consist in paths of 4-6 hours where kids learn the basics of the topic in a clear and simple way, then consolidating their newly acquired knowledge through experiments and practical activities.
  • Site visit guide to industrial plants for secondary schools, among which wastes (dry fraction selection, composting, waste to energy, controlled landfill) and water management (potable water distribution, wastewater treatment). Visits are preceded by a lecture intriducing kids to the topic under exam and the plants to be visited.
  • I am among the scientific personnel of the Galileo Galilei planetarium in Riccione, where I carry out projections on sky observation as well as basic astronomy, while in the annexe science museum I introduce visitors to physics through experiments .

Since 2014, together with coop. Il Millepiedi, I offer to all secondary schools the program #sosteniamoci! which I authored, a popularizing event where topics such as energy, wastes, food, consumptions and mobility are dealt with in 2 h time. For more informations please visit the dedicated section.

I am currently writing a proposal forthe european program Erasmus plus, involving educational organizations from different countries to develop innovative teaching methods and encourage youth participation within their own communities.