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#sosteniamoci! (italian for “let’s sustain ourselves!”) is the project I created to make kids and adults aware about sustainability, that is how can we give ourselves a future. The objective? Knowing today’s global problems to understand what any of us can do, in her/his everyday life, to solve them. But above all, to understand that we CAN solve them. As the motto goes:

“to know is to understand that we can”

The first step in solving a problem is to know you have it, the saying goes. The second is to get to know it well, in all of its relevance. The third is to draw the conclusions of what has been learned and to develop feasible alternatives within one’s own everyday life. With this project, I commit myself to help anyone taking these first three steps, making myself available to walk together through the following ones too.

Distinctive features of #sosteniamoci!

• It combines scientific soundness with clarity and simplicity in its exposition.
• It lays a bridge between big global problems and everyday life’s solutions practicable by anyone.
• It uses a wide-angle approach, highlighting relationships among aspects often seen as uncorrelated

At the moment #sosteniamoci! is workshop in various shapes suitable for any public, a didactic program for secondary schools and a webradio program. But there is potentially no limit to what it can become in its form, as are the contents and modalities what really matters. Here is some example:


The project originates from a firm belief that today’s main problems derive from a deep dissociation between man and nature. Over the centuries our evolutionary success, largely due to continuous scientific and technological improvements, has progressively turned against ourselves, becoming an unjustified sense of superiority and will to dominate over nature as though to assert the supremacy of human-made laws over the universal laws of physics. A collective madness that is leading us straight to collapse. The sooner we wake up, the better.

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The crisis we live today is thus first of all socio-cultural and environmental (in this order of priority), therefore we must face it as such. Evidences of this are issues tha we normally don’t see as correlated with the environment, first of all the economic and financial crisis, the soaring unemployment, the widespread corruption. But after all talking about sustainability is much more than talking about the environment: it’s talking about our chances as a species to survive on this planet, as of today the only corner of the known Universe where this is possible.

Right from here, the urgent need arises to create and spread a true sustainability consciousness. To do so in a rigurous and professional way, but without loosing the simplicity needed to reach everybody. Because it’s only through everybody that we can hope to make a difference. Moreover, in all of this it is important to keep all the spare dots well connected, drawing a map on which to orientate our everyday footsteps. And to remember that by knowing how things work, we will be able to adjust them, whenever they break.

We could then turn our impacts from negative into positive: by knowing our problems, we will understand that we can solve them. And also know how to do it.

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As if we don’t do it, who will?