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Interview after the Informative March organized by the campaign #sosadriatico (29/8/2015)

SOS Adriatico – Rimini for a sea without drilling stations is the local campaign, undersigned by many organizations and private citizens of the area, through which we oppose to the plans for research and exploitation of hydrocarbons in the Italian seas, as promoted by the last governments especially through the decrees “sviluppo” and “sblocca Italia”. INFO:

Interview broadcasted by Green Reports (24/2/2015)

Talking about climate change, renewable energy and sustainability. I also talk about project  #sosteniamoci! (in italian)

People’s Climate March in Rimini (18/09/2014)

The event has been organized all over the World by the online community and the organization to make people and policy-makers aware about  the urgency to fight climate change, in view of the extraordinary UN summit of New York to be held on september 23rd 2014. I was among  the organizers of the Rimini event.

My speech (italian)

Interview to Green Report (italian)

To know more about People’s Climate March visit the website

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