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I am passionate about writing, because I love reading. The white page in front of me is like a mirror to my mind, over which slowly giving shape to my thoughts. Perhaps, for the first time in a complete way. And reading is a gentle tool to make use of informations, to take time to put them into perspective with what we already knew, shaping one’s own map to orientate in the world. Be it the one outside of you, or your inner one.

In this section I gather the articles I wrote in time, little tiles of a puzzle constantly changing. Some of them are scattered around the web, others are grouped in my blogs. I would like to share them with anyone who is looking for a constructive confrontation, or just curious about knowing better what I think. They don’t pretend to be sentences, but only my point of view which moves tiptoed on the folds of the ether.

My articles on the web (mostly in italian)

Below the links to my articles published on the web, plus a selection from by blogs.

My blogs (in italian)

On the box in the sidebar you can find the latest posts published. Below is a brief description of the concepts from which they arose.


STAND UP is my first blog, born from a very precise need: to stand up… and invite everyone to do that with me.

“I stand up against ignorance because I think we need to do it. I stand up because we need consciousness. I stand up against the fear of the diverse and the lack of dialogue. I stand up against immobility that wrap us up and make us dull.”

We cannot settle down, pretend nothing, lower our heads. Let’s learn to be able to look at reality as it is, to be aware of what today doesn’t work… and to do anything we can to make it work. This, in a nutshell, is the message that I want to deliver to readers.

STAND UP is a place tailored to have my say. With calm, taking all the time required to carry out some articulated reflections. I try to provide a different view than the mainstream one on environmental, economic and social themes, even pushing myself sometimes to phylosophize a little bit.


The Veil of Gaia has always been more than a blog. It’s a community of people united around a simple yet powerful message. A message conveyed perfectly by its name.

There is no such a thing as an absolute reality, but rather an interpretation of what we see. Depending on what we are, our weath of knowledge, experiences and relationships which we built in time and carry upon our shoulders every day since. By keeping alive the fire of curiosity, the will of not stopping at appearences, of being constantly incline to question anything… this way of looking at the world with a critical sight can only let us meet with Gaia, the world of physics, of those natural laws that govern the entire Unvierse.

And to finally abandon the illusions that today are leading us to the edge of collapse. And to become free again to immagine the future we want, not the one someone imposed upon us.

In other words: investigating reality in a critical way, to create the best future we will be able to immagine. Read more on the Veil of Gaia.

The Veil of Gaia is a community of people sharing this approach. An approach that today materializes in a blog and a Facebook page where to share news and thoughts. An approach that has led us to organize cultural events in the past and that, with the help of everybody, aims at getting even more out of the ether, to get rooted on the territory where we live.

If you share this approach and want to collaborate contact me, together we will make it stronger and spread it ever more.

Visit the Veil of Gaia